New poll finds that Americans want immigration paused

The cost is too high to deny immigration reformA new poll has found that the great majority of American voters want to see mass immigration paused in a manner similar to what happened between 1915 and1964, when legal immigrants were given a chance to more fully assimilate and the middle class expanded as a result of wage increases.

The Polling Company conducted a comprehensive survey and found that most voters want less legal immigrants to be allowed into the United States, even as President Obama contemplates granting a greater number of guest permits and amnesty to undocumented immigrants.  50% of Americans aged 65 or over and 46% of those surveyed in the Midwest want a zero immigration policy, with the poll also finding that independent voters were more inclined than Democrat or Republican supporters to want to stop immigration entirely.

The survey, which polled 1,001 people between July 16th and July 20th, also revealed that most Americans want the nation’s immigration laws to be more strictly enforced and for those with citizenship to be given preference by employers over immigrants, legal or otherwise, when hiring; interestingly, 80% of those who agree with giving legal status to undocumented immigrants agree with this stance.

74% of the respondents were strongly opposed to amnesty being given by President Obama through his executive powers.  Two-thirds disapproved of the way in which the issue has been handled by the president, which is consistent with other poll results.