Obama slammed over immigration by Land

Hundreds attend Arlington immigration rallyTerri Lynn Land, the Republican Senate nominee for Michigan, has attacked President Obama for his failure to deal with Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists and has called upon the US government to properly secure the nation’s border with Mexico.

“I’m a mom, I have two kids, and I’ll tell you it hurts my heart with these children who have come across this border,” Land insisted in an editorial board event on Monday when quizzed about her attitude to immigration by local news outlet MLive.com. “President Obama has basically told them they could come here illegally. He needs to let them know that that’s not the way it works here. We need to get these children back to their parents and we need to put as much resources and time [as necessary] into making sure that happens.”

Land also declared that more work needs to be done to properly secure the US border against undocumented immigrants, saying that US Border Patrol agents should be equipped with the resources they need to properly do their jobs, including the latest in high-tech equipment.

The race between Land and Detroit Democrat congressman Gary Peters for a spot in the Michigan Senate is one of 2014’s most interesting battles, given the high amounts of outside spending that both sides have indulged in. An anonymous National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) strategist says that Land’s fundraising prowess is one of many factors that contribute to the likelihood of her becoming a US senator on November 4th.