Path to citizenship close for undocumented immigrants

American FlagThe eight US senators responsible for crafting an overhaul of policy in regards to immigration in the United States are close to finalizing a deal that could result in the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the country coming out of the shadows, according to one of those lawmakers yesterday.

The leading Democrat in the bipartisan so-called ‘Gang of Eight’, Senator Chuck Schumer, says that the plan, which group members have said will include a pathway to US citizenship for undocumented immigrants, is on track for being completed by the end of this month.  “We are very close to agreement,” Schumer told reporters after the group spent another two hours in negotiations to forge the largest immigration laws reform in 27 years.  “We’re meeting again this afternoon and we expect to meet our goal of having comprehensive immigration reform…  supported by all eight of us.”

Schumer made his comments after protestors, wanting an early unveiling of the senator’s plan, invaded his office, which is located in the Hart Senate Building.  Schumer said that he knows that people have been waiting a long time for these reforms and that he understands their frustration. However, he urged people to remain patient, as there is a “darn good chance” that the plan the senators come up with could end up becoming law.

The complex and sensitive issue has been headline news after overwhelming Hispanic support helped President Barack Obama to re-election last year.