Poll finds opposition to executive action on immigration

Poll finds opposition to executive action on immigrationA new poll has revealed that President Obama can expect to find more opposition than support if he goes ahead with his plans to reform the country’s immigration system by making use of his executive authority. Nearly half those surveyed said that he needs to wait for Congress to act, according to USA Today.

Just 42% of Americans believe that the president should now take executive action on immigration reform, with 46% against such action. Interestingly, just 24% of the respondents described themselves as Republicans, even with the party’s recent midterm elections victory, compared with 32% who described themselves as Democrat voters. The largest demographic, at 34%, was those who described themselves as independents and not aligned with either major political party.

Princeton Survey Research conducted the telephone poll of 1,000 adults between Thursday and Sunday last week. Democrats overwhelmingly support the president taking action over US immigration reform, with a 60% to 28% split, while Republicans want the president to wait, with a 76% to 17% split. 44% of independents want action now; however, 46% believe the president should hold off.

39% of women believe that Obama should take immediate action on the issue, as do half those under the age of 30. Worryingly for the president, many of those in his corner on general issues do not support him taking executive action on immigration.