Polls show most Americans support immigration reform

FLAGAs residents of the United States pick up their papers to check out the latest news in regards to immigration reform, many are probably wondering why it all seems to be so difficult.  Congress seems unable to come to an agreement about the issue despite the fact that polls prove that the great majority of Americans are in favor of immigration reform.

Seventy-two percent of Americans polled by Gallup believe that the United States should enable undocumented immigrants who already live in the country to have the chance to gain citizenship or legal residence providing that they meet some requirements, a stance agreed with by 90% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans, which makes the fact that the changes that have still not yet occurred seem all the more perplexing.

Both of the major political parties appear to be in agreement with the idea that the United States needs to expand the amount of US visas for legal immigrants that have advanced skills in science and math, with 79% of Democrats, 67% of Republicans and 71% of American citizens polled in favor.

Given that most of the country appears to be united in support for immigration reform, the issue appears to be the inability of the two parties to agree on precisely what form that reform should take.  Increased border security, a requirement for all employers to check on the legal status of foreign workers and the tracking of foreigners through seaports and airports are supported by Republicans to a greater degree than Democrats.