Republicans want anti-immigration president

Republicans want anti-immigration presidentRepublican Party voters want to put a president in the White House who will oppose immigration, according to a new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post. The results, which were released on April 3rd, show that 70% of those registered as Republican voters want to see a president elected who is against giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants.

Just 24% of those who regularly vote Republican wish to see a president who supports the idea of immigration reform, which is in contrast to the 68% of registered Democratic voters and 52% of registered independent voters. 63% of all registered voters want a president who opposes any kind of immigration reform that would put undocumented immigrants on the path to US citizenship; however, the Washington Post notes that 51% support immigration reform in some form.

Republican voters are also in favor of a presidential candidate who would go against the current zeitgeist when it comes to issues such as climate change, Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal. 55% of Republican voters want no government action on climate change, 60% are against a nuclear weapons deal with Iran, and 82% want to see Obamacare repealed.

These are the major issues likely to impact on the 2016 election, although it is as yet unclear how a candidate’s stance on such issues will affect their chances; however, Latino voters appear more likely to vote for a candidate who favors immigration reform.