Republicans will enact immigration reform after Senate win

Republicans will enact immigration reform after Senate winMitt Romney, the former presidential hopeful for the Republicans, says that his party will make immigration reform a reality if it wins the US Senate in the election on Tuesday.

“You’ll see a provision first of all to secure the border, second of all to deal with those who have come here illegally [undocumented immigrants], and third [to] make sure our immigration policies are open and transparent,” Romney declared on Fox News Sunday. “That’s going to happen. You’re going to see a bill actually reach the desk of the president if we finally have someone besides Harry Reid sitting in the Senate. We’re going to get it done.

The Democrat-controlled Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill last year, which stalled in the House of Representatives, which is under the control of the Republican party. Romney insists that the House not playing ball was entirely the fault of the Senate, as Republicans became convinced they could create a better bill of their own in the event that they succeeded in taking control of the Senate. Romney says that even more seats going to Republicans in the Senate will make reform more likely, if not an outright win.

The chances of the Republican party winning the Senate appear to have increased as the day of the election gets nearer. Party members are well aware that they need to lure Latino voters away from the Democrats to avoid another disaster in the 2016 presidential election.