Return to grassroots strategy for immigration advocates

US flagThe US Justice Department recently released a report which indicated that the number of cases of deportation has been on a steady decline over the last five years, since 2009. Many experts think that this is due to undocumented immigrants receiving legal advice via immigration advocates and even hiring lawyers to fight the cases against them. Despite these optimistic figures however, undocumented immigrants are still fighting to put pressure on legislators to introduce better immigration laws.

Although to some it seems like the fight for comprehensive immigration reform has reached a standstill, not all advocates have given up hope, but have instead moved their strategy toward a more local and grassroots form of activism.

Activists in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and a further 40 cities across the United States have rallied at city hall offices and detention centers in order to show their disappointment and frustration with the inability of the US government to make real progress in immigration reform. Activists have also taken to social media in order to call on President Obama to take a stand on immigration reform in the name of human rights.

Many advocates for immigrants have taken issue with the Obama administration for deporting thousands of hardworking immigrants for committing non-serious crimes, although a recent report from the Justice Department indicates that the figures have actually fallen since 2009, because the office has now started focusing its efforts on targeting serious criminals and those who threaten national security.