Sessions claims Obama’s policies fail black workers

Sessions claims Obama’s policies fail black workersSenator Jeff Sessions, a ranking member of the Senate budget committee, says that black workers across the United States should avoid supporting the Democratic party due to Obama’s immigration policies, which would leave them economically displaced. In an emailed statement, Sessions claims that the current immigration policies give the advantage to foreign immigrants rather than US citizens and that African-Americans are one of the groups hardest hit by such policies.

Sessions points to a study published in September 2006 by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The study, which was conducted by Harvard economist Dr George Borjas, found that the employment rate of black workers fell sharply between 1960 and 2000, corresponding with a major increase in immigration.

“Research by Dr George Borjas shows that the long-term large-scale importation of foreign labor has substantially eroded wages in the black community – and yet Senate Democrats voted unanimously for legislation to double the arrival of new workers and deepen this unacceptable wage decline,” Sessions claims. “These new workers would fill jobs in every sector of the economy, denying many low-income Americans a shot at middle-class job security.”

Sessions insists the comprehensive immigration bill passed last year by the Senate would crush already-struggling cities and workers. Dr Alveda King, the niece of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, has also spoken out against the United States having open borders and has slammed Obama’s presidency as being morally bankrupt and offering nothing to the black community.