Spike for Chinese immigration in New York

Spike for Chinese immigration in New YorkThe number of Chinese immigrants in New York is set to outstrip those of immigrants that come from the Dominican Republic – the largest immigrant group in the city at present – a new report made by the Department of City Planning suggests.  China has also been a major contributor to New York’s record-breaking high of over three million immigrants back in 2011, having sent more legal immigrants than any other nation between the years of 2002 and 2011.

Demographic analysis of data from the American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau is presented in the Newest New Yorkers report, while the city planning website also features an interactive map that viewers can search through and make their own analysis of the geographic distribution of communities of immigrants.

“Having an accurate picture of where the foreign-born reside, and how they’re doing with respect to their housing, education, employment, and economic status enables us to target support that helps immigrants establish themselves and participate in the diverse opportunities our city offers,” says Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg adds that the United States finally has the chance for Congress to enact real immigration reform, making the latest Newest New Yorkers report a valuable resource that continues to strengthen the reasons for reform to make the nation a beacon of opportunity capable of attracting the world’s brightest minds.

The immigrant population in New York City has grown from 18% of the entire population back in 1970 to the current figure of 37% and effectively forms the third biggest city in the United States on its own.