Stop Immigration Scams in their Tracks

There are many immigration scams out there. In many cases, criminals set up these scams in order to make money. In other cases, immigrants themselves commit immigration fraud because they are desperate to immigrate to the US and see no other options. There are many types of immigration fraud:

1) Immigration fraud perpetuated by applicants. Immigration fraud can include lying on USCIS and other US immigration forms or it can include marrying someone who is a US citizen just to get a green card. The USCIS is very harsh with this type of immigration fraud. If you are found to have committed fraud, you could be arrested and deported. You could also ruin your chances of entering the US legally.

2) Identity theft. Some scammers steal identities from legitimate US citizens or permanent residents and sell ID – such as passports or driver’s licenses – to non-residents, who can then assume an identity in order to get services in the US. If you assume anyone’s identity, you could face serious criminal charges as well as deportation.

3) Paying immigration scams. Some scammers promise immigrants preferential USCIS treatment, “guaranteed” approval of immigration applications, and other advantages – for a high fee. The reality is that no one can make these claims. If you don’t feel your immigration application is strong, consult with a qualified US immigration attorney for help and advice.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to help prevent becoming a victim of a scam. One of the best options is to get some reliable assistance. The immigration process is complex and can be very confusing, especially if there is also a language barrier. It can be helpful to work with an immigration attorney, an immigration advocacy organization, or another type of legitimate organization in order to get the facts about immigration. This way, you will be less likely to believe the falsehoods perpetrated by scammers.

Some people commit fraud because they assume that there is no other way to immigrate to the US. This is always the incorrect choice, since undocumented immigrants or immigrants who perpetuate fraud have far less access to services. If you do not think you qualify to immigrate to the US, speak to a qualified US immigration attorney. He or she can help you understand the USCIS and can help you understand how to immigrate to the US. Most people who want to immigrate to the US can find some means of gaining entry, so it pays to talk to an immigration attorney to find your best route.