Taoiseach urges US to take action on immigration reform

Taoiseach urges US to take action on immigration reformTaoiseach Enda Kenny has given the Speaker of the House of Representatives a direct plea, asking for a deal to be made as quickly as possible in regards to immigration reform.  Kenny made his uncompromising comments to John Boehner as political leaders in Northern Ireland were urged by US to engage in talks in order to break the deadlock over parades, flags and the past.

On what was a busy day in Washington DC on Friday 14th March, full of political meetings to mark today’s St Patrick’s Day, Kenny reiterated his message that undocumented immigrants from Ireland receive bad treatment thanks to legislation that is several decades old and that these people only want to be able to take a full role in American society.

Kenny’s comments are his strongest yet in regards to immigration reform, which remains one of the most divisive topics in the domestic policies of the United States.  At a shamrock ceremony that was held in the East Room at the White House, the Taoiseach pointed out that St Patrick was actually an immigrant himself when he arrived in Ireland.  “We know America will sort this out,” Kenny assured those at the gathering.

In private talks, which had been held earlier, Kenny had pressed the message home to Obama as well as Vice President Joe Biden, and told John Boehner that a renewed effort was required urgently at a Capitol Hill lunch that was hosted by the latter.