The US Immigration Test

If you have applied for naturalization, you will need to pass the citizenship test in order to get your US citizenship. Many applicants worry about this US immigration test, but millions of Americans pass this test regularly. With a little work and preparation, so can you. The citizenship requires you to know two basic things: the English language and US civics. As part of the US immigration test, you will be required to speak, read, and write in English. You will also be required to show knowledge of US history and civics by answering questions about these subjects. You can pass the citizenship test, however, if you:

  1. Start early. The earlier you start preparing for your US immigration test, the more time you will have to master the knowledge. Ideally, start preparing as soon as you apply for naturalization or as soon as you realize that you want to apply for naturalization.
  2. Sign up for classes. Classes are an excellent way to prepare for the citizenship test, since they allow you to work with a teacher and other students to get the support you need. Your community likely has citizenship classes that help you prepare for the naturalization test specifically. You may also want to sign up for additional English classes if you need additional work on your English.
  3. Find more resources to study. Even if you have an excellent citizenship class in your area, the class will likely only meet a few times a week. You will be able to prepare far more fully if you study on your own in addition to taking classes. There are many resources that can help you. The USCIS website has a great deal of information about the citizenship test, including practice questions. Your local library generally will have books about the citizenship test. As well, the American Immigration Center Inc. has a number of interactive study kits that can help you prepare for the citizenship test on your own time and at your own pace.
  4. Set aside time every day and every week to study. If you are working and taking part in all your usual activities while also trying to prepare for your naturalization US immigration test, it may be hard to find time to study. A good solution is to schedule time to study every day or every week. This way, you will have enough time to devote to mastering the material.
  5. Take practice tests and focus on those areas where you are having trouble. The best way to pass the naturalization test is to find out which areas you need to work on and focus mostly on those areas. Taking practice tests and taking a citizenship class can show you which subjects you need to spend more time studying.