Toomey inclined to support Trump

Senator Pat Toomey has declared his likely intention to support presumptive Republican Party Presidential candidate nominee Donald Trump even as he outlines the way in which his own opinions differ from that of the controversial billionaire. Toomey says he does not approve of Trump’s “vulgarity” or some of his policies but that he would most likely still support the Republican nominee, particularly given that the opposing candidate is Hillary Clinton, who he describes as “unacceptably flawed”.

Toomey previously endorsed Senator Marco Rubio and then Senator Ted Cruz, but with the Presidential hopes of both now vanished into history, he says he is still likely to support Trump even though he does not “rubber stamp” any Republican candidate. He says he still has worries about the flamboyant real estate mogul but hopes that he will be able to unite the Republican Party.

Toomey’s support of Trump has been used as fodder for attack by his Democratic rival in Philadelphia, Katie McGinty, but Toomey has shot back over McGinty’s stance on the immigration issue, accusing her of supporting sanctuary cities and demanding she call for the policy to end there. Toomey has also released an attack ad on his challenger, accusing her of turning a blind eye to undocumented criminal immigrants walking the streets.

McGinty has returned fire, saying Toomey has “no moral authority” and saying that law enforcement priorities should be set by local leaders. Philadelphia’s Mayor Kenney has prevented city police from cooperating almost entirely with federal immigration agents.