Trump slams Clinton and Sanders over immigration giveaways

Trump slams Clinton and Sanders over immigration giveawaysWhile some criticism has been thrown at the first Democratic debate for not paying enough attention to the issue of immigration or the Latino demographic, the few instances that were referred to were enough to unleash a storm from Republican presidential candidate nominee front-runner Donald Trump. During a speech in Virginia on Wednesday, Trump slammed the references to immigration that were made by the Democratic presidential candidate nominees. He cited them as examples of confirmation of his opinion that the Democrats are just out to give anything away to undocumented immigrants that they can get away with. “I watched last night as Hillary [Clinton] and Bernie Sanders, they just couldn’t give away things fast enough,” Trump noted in response to the pair’s support of paid family leave and affordable college for immigrants, USA Today reports. “And they’re giving them to illegal immigrants. They want health care for illegal immigrants. They want drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants. They want, listen to this, Social Security for illegal immigrants.”

After describing Sanders as a communist, Trump went on to say that Clinton was not adequately pressed on issues such as her handling of US government emails during her stint as secretary of state. He also attacked her changing stance in regards to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Trump mockingly complimented Clinton for not siding with President Obama on the deal, as “she could be indicted”. The speech was interrupted by hecklers; however, Trump declared that he was all for freedom of speech.