Trump’s immigration ban would apply to all

As well as Muslims, Christians and Jews would also be included in the proposed immigration ban suggested by Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. This was according to Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, on Monday. The conservative Indiana Governor did not specifically mention the two religions but said that the proposed ban would apply to everyone from ‘compromised’ areas.

The remarks were made by Pence on Midday with Charlie Sykes, a Wisconsin-based radio show. Pence was asked about the religious status of immigrants who might be banned from entering the US under the plan suggested by the Trump campaign. Pence has previously condemned the controversial real estate magnet’s declaration to ban Muslim immigration. He noted his much-contested decision to suspend a program enabling Syrian immigrant refugees to come to Indiana while he was Governor of the Midwestern state.

Charlie Sykes, the program host, opened discussion on the hotly-debated ban by asking Pence what he thought of declaring himself to be an advocate of religious freedom while ‘singling out one religion’. Pence’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015 caused nationwide debate. Critics complained that it would provide legal services to businesses refusing to provide services to some individuals because of their religious views, such as members of the LGBT community.

Pence says he believes that the proposed ban would be appropriate until such time that a new and more reliable vetting system is implemented.