U.S. Government Immigration Efforts

The U.S. Government is exercising an experiment to assist the Mexican border cities overwhelmed with undocumented individuals.

The U.S. Government will be Mexican deportees home twice per week. The repatriation initiative began on Tuesday and will run until November 29th. The first flight that left on Tuesday had over 130 Mexican immigrants on board.

There have been similar efforts previously, although these were more voluntary. The new exercise has been executed as many Mexican cities along the U.S. border are contending with above average quantities of deportees who have few employment prospects and extremely limited Spanish.

The efforts of the U.S. Government are supported by the Mexican Government as the flights from the U.S. airport El Paso, Texas will go as far as Mexico City. From there the Mexican Government will pay for the individuals who have been deported to arrive back to their hometowns.

Some have argued that the initiative “undermines border residents’ constitutional rights”, this statement is argued by Mohar Betancourt, Undersecretary of Mexico’s population, migration and religious affairs, who states that, “This initiative aims to collaborate and fully support border state authorities by reducing the number of Mexican nationals who are repatriated to the border region. The newly repatriated, often with no means to return home, are susceptible to becoming a part of criminal organizations as a means of survival”. The initiative aims to assist those of the border region who are arguably in an area that could put them in a vulnerable position, therefore an overall positive goal.