University Students Exempt From Immigration Ban

A recent decision by the Supreme Court to exempt university students and staff from an immigration ban is unlikely to end the uncertainty or the growing interest from overseas students in Canadian rather than US universities, according to experts.

The Supreme Court overruled a federal court’s injunction on President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban on Monday, reinstating some aspects of the executive order that barred people from six countries from entering the US. The court also ruled that individuals with genuine links to the US, such as a connection to a university, would not be subjected to the ban. Ken Reade, director of the International Student and Scholar Services at the Amherst’s University of Massachusetts, says the feeling is one of victory for universities, scholars, and international students.

Universities in the US have been on the frontline of the battle against Trump’s immigration ban, with 30 universities challenging the executive order in federal court. Their challenges had been successful until the Supreme Court’s ruling this week. But, Reade claims that the decision to exempt faculty members and students from the ban does not lessen the blow that it has already dealt.

A final ruling by the Supreme Court is not expected to take place until 2018, with the hearing scheduled for October. Many international students have chosen to pursue opportunities in other countries, particularly Canada, which offers immigration pathways from student all the way up to permanent resident.