US business leaders support immigration reform

US business leaders support immigration reformBusiness leaders from all over the United States support the new immigration reform principles that have been introduced by Republicans in the House of Representatives.  The new principles are intended to deal with topics crucial to business leaders such as allocating green cards and US visas to immigrants to enable them to legally work in the country.

The latest additions to the reform bill also put attention on giving legal status to illegal immigrants that already live and work in the United States, provided that they meet with specific conditions.  House Republicans have, however, made it clear that they do not want accelerated paths to US citizenship or special treatment for undocumented immigrants, and still, want border security to be the major priority.

Those who are against changing any immigration reform bill think that these principles amount to amnesty for illegal immigrants, which they believe is unfair to people who immigrated legally by putting in an application to get a green card or visa.  However, this point of view is disputed by business leaders who want to be able to attract workers for both low-skilled and high-skilled jobs to the United States.  They believe these immigration reform principles will create jobs for existing US workers as it will fill gaps in the job force.

Immigration reform advocates are pleased with the plans of the House Republicans, but they still want to see those mooted principles actually get turned into real legislation.