US Hispanics more concerned with economy than immigration

US Hispanics more concerned with economy than immigrationEC Hispanic Media has announced the release of more findings about political views and themes that are relevant for Hispanics in the United States on Facebook.  Although 50% of the US Hispanics surveyed believe that immigration reform is important, the top two most important themes within the political spectrum for the demographic remain jobs and the economy, the study entitled US Hispanics and Facebook: the Generation of Growth claims.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the Hispanic unemployment rate is 8.4% in comparison to the 5.7% for white people.  Such figures exclude those who are underemployed, have given up looking for work and who are no longer able to claim unemployment benefits.

Martha de la Torre, the chief executive officer of EC Hispanic Media, says that unemployment levels within the Hispanic community are now alarmingly high and thus the economy and job creation are at the forefront of Latino minds rather than immigration reform.  “According to our findings, US Hispanics are more concerned with getting a job than having more people entering the job force with an immigration reform plan,” claims Elias Chavando, who is the managing partner of Applied Marketing Strategies.

The study also found that 43% of Hispanics from the United States who are on Facebook are concerned with social benefits in comparison with the 61% that are worried about job creation.  EC Hispanic Media commissioned the study, which surveyed US Hispanics who were on the social media site between November and December, who speak Spanish and are over 18.