US-Latin America ties would benefit from immigration reform

US-Latin America ties would benefit from immigration reformImmigration reform would greatly assist US foreign policy, according to Vice President Biden. Biden made the remarks in a speech to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce yesterday, noting that every Latin America leader he has encountered has been inquiring about immigration reform.

“It’s about respect,” the Vice President said, adding that the growing global economic clout of Latin America and the increasing number of free trade agreements with the United States makes it even more of a priority for immigration reform to finally come about. Other countries within the Western Hemisphere would also have much greater respect for the US when they finally get to grips with this issue, he claims. “When we pass this you’re going to see a different perspective,” he says.  “Respect is a two way street and this issue is central to our foreign policy.”

Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives who spoke just prior to the Vice President, confirmed that she desperately wanted to pass immigration reform and was willing to sacrifice further seats if she has to in order to succeed. She believes passing comprehensive immigration reform is more important to both her and her caucus than winning the November elections.

Vice President Biden also commented that in his opinion the United States should be stapling green cards to university degrees earned by immigrants, who have come to the country in order to pursue higher education, to prevent such talent being forced to move overseas to find work.