US Sheriffs Back Trump on Immigration

US Sheriffs back Trump on immigrationCounty Sheriffs in the US have announced their support for the executive actions taken on border security and immigration by President Donald Trump. The declarations were made during a meeting of the President with several of the country’s county Sheriffs. This is according to Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary.

Spicer made the comments on Tuesday, during a press briefing. He added that the Sheriffs thanked the President for what they described as an unprecedented level of support toward the law enforcement community, and gave their full backing for his policies on US immigration and national security. The Sheriffs also presented Trump with a letter from the National Sheriff’s Association, in which the President was commended for the significant steps he has taken to enhance the safety of the American public, according to Spicer.

The letter noted that in recent times the majority of the burden of criminal illegal immigration and its effect on communities had been shouldered by local and state law enforcement, and applauded Trump’s efforts to secure the US border. The letter was signed by the National Sheriff’s Association executive director and president.

While at the meeting, the President also reaffirmed his stated commitment for close cooperation with police departments all over the US. He gave assurance to the Sheriffs that his administration would make every effort to stop crime and to strengthen the ties between federal, local, and state security agencies.