US would dramatically change under Trump or Cruz

If either of the two biggest Republican Presidential candidate nominees Donald Trump or Ted Cruz wins the Presidency later this year, the United States is likely to face a dramatic change in demographics, with illegal immigration likely to be decreased considerably.

Trump and Cruz have both said that their first priority in the White House would be to secure the US border, and the philosophy of the US Border Patrol would return to that of several decades ago, simply arresting anyone who attempts to illegally cross into the US and not looking the other way depending on circumstance. Both Presidential candidates have said that there would also be no amnesty for undocumented immigrants already living in the country, who would not be permitted to stay.

Many people believe that the mass deportation of so many undocumented immigrants would be both impossible to achieve and absolutely heartbreaking to watch, though others insist that millions of undocumented immigrants would likely leave of their own accord once such a tough change in administration policies took place.

The implementation of such a policy would have both positive and negative side effects. On the positive side, government budgets would receive some relief with a decrease in enrollment in Medicare and Welfare, and the drug pipeline with Mexico, which is controlled by criminal immigrants, would likely be impacted. On the downside however, crops could end up being left to die rather than be harvested due to lack of workers, local economies could be devastated and many families would be torn apart.