Walker claims similar immigration plan to Trump

Walker claims similar immigration plan to TrumpScott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin and one of the many Republican presidential nomination candidates, says he has a similar approach to immigration reform to controversial real estate magnet Donald Trump; however, Walker has declined to make public any precise details.

In an interview with Fox News, Walker said he would give his support to Trump’s idea of constructing a wall along the border with Mexico and that his own plan for the US immigration system was similar; however, he did not go as far as endorsing Trump’s entire immigration manifesto, which was revealed over the weekend.

“I’ve laid out a number of important reforms when it comes to immigration early this year, not only about securing the border but enforcing the law,” Walker later declared at yesterday’s Iowa State Fair. “In light particularly of what we’ve seen with sanctuary cities, that we need to make sure that we enforce the law in every part of this country and not just in some parts or the other.”

Walker refused to give specifics, however, including with regard to Trump’s highly-contentious proposal to deport children born to undocumented immigrants in the United States. Walker avoided the question and instead reiterated the need to enforce current laws to create a more effective e-verify system to prevent employers hiring undocumented workers rather than American workers.