Walker defends immigration stance

USScott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin and a possible Republican presidential candidate, has defended his position on the issue of immigration reform, telling Fox News anchor Brett Baier in an interview on Tuesday night that he has not ‘flip-flopped’. The anchor accused Walker of performing a ‘flip-flop’ in favor of a more aggressive stance against immigration reform and asked how American voters could trust someone who was so willing to change his views.

Walker was not amused and argued that his previous comments, apparently in support of granting undocumented immigrants a pathway to US citizenship, were “a quick, momentary reaction” to a reporter’s question many years ago when he had no influence on such decisions.

Walker declared that the term ‘flip-flop’ only applies to those who change their voting patterns on such issues and pointed out that he has never voted on federal immigration policy, as he has not been in a position to do so. This is something that would obviously change if he was successful in his bid to become the president of the United States.

This is why, he says, “I spent time talking to border state governors, I’ve talked to members of the Senate and the House, I’ve talked to people who care about this issue all across this country and what’s clear to me is … we need to make sure we have a system that makes sure that American workers and wages are at the top of our list of priorities.”