Warren says immigration reform can save Social Security

CitizenshipSenator Elizabeth Warren says that immigration reform is the key to saving Social Security in the United States.  Warren made the remarks in the Q&A session that followed her speech at the annual convention of the National Council of La Raza on Sunday.

Warren declared that she intends to fight for the list of American values that she believes in, which includes immigration.  “We believe that immigration made this country strong and that immigration will make this country strong in the future,” she insisted.  “We believe that equal means equal.  No matter the color of your skin, no matter what language your family speaks, no matter who you love; equal means equal in this country and we will fight for it.”

Warren’s speech touched on many issues in addition to immigration reform, including increasing the minimum wage, student debt, marriage equality, closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, and greater regulation of the big banks on Wall Street.  She blamed the Republican party for turning the United States on a path that proved economically devastating for families a generation ago.

Warren says that Social Security needs to be saved and that one way to do so is through immigration reform.  Comprehensive immigration reform would bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadow economy and thus bring more tax-paying workers into the mainstream.  She says that it is in the best interest of the Latino community to continue to push for immigration reform.