Bush wants sanctuary cities to be denied aid

Bush wants sanctuary cities to be denied aidJeb Bush, the former Florida governor and current Republican presidential nomination candidate, says that one way to corral undocumented immigrants who have been responsible for committing crimes would be to block federal police money to cities that continue to harbor these illegal immigrants.

Speaking in southern New Hampshire at a campaign event in a VFW hall on Wednesday, Bush claimed that there is no inconsistency in his stance of supporting immigrants who have overstayed their US visas to find ways to stay in the United States while still wanting criminal immigrants to be tracked down and deported, adding that the so-called “sanctuary cities” need to be eliminated. Bush cited San Francisco as an example of a city that should be denied law enforcement monies until it alters its current policies.

Over the course of the last week Bush has been on the attack against competitors both within and outside the Republican Party, calling Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and drug dealers “extraordinarily ugly” and mocking Hillary Clinton’s remarks about all the Republican presidential candidates being hostile to immigrants.

Bush told the town hall meeting that it is possible to want to tighten the laws to prevent criminal immigrants from roaming the United States while still supporting an economically sensible immigration reform policy. “There is a bizarre kind of idea that somehow you can have affection for people of a different country and not think the rule of law should apply,” Bush noted.