Immigrant students and US visas

Immigrant students and US visasThere are two primary visas that are available for students wishing to further their education in the US.  These visas are referred to as the M1 and F1 visas, and the course of study and type of school that the applicant has an interest in will determine the appropriate visa option.

FI US visas are available to students wishing to enter the United States in order to study at a college or university, a private elementary school, high school, conservatory, seminary or other academic institution – for instance a language training program.  M1 US visas are given to students that have enrolled in a vocational or other non-academic institution that is nonetheless officially recognized, besides a language training program.

Immigrant students that wish to put in an application for an F1 US visa need to prove Availability of Funds prior to doing so.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or local US Embassy officer needs to be certain that a student will be able to afford to live in the United States and pay for tuition without employment.  Immigrant students are only allowed to work to support their education while studying in the US on very rare occasions.

The M1 US visa is given only to students that are studying for a degree from a vocational or technical school.  In order for an M1 US visa to be given to an immigrant student, they must submit a signed Form I-20 to a US consulate or embassy in their own country after presenting evidence of their financial resources and completing the school’s admission requirements.