Know the basics prior to US student visa application

Know the basics prior to US student visa applicationTraveling from South Asia and India in order to study overseas in the United States can be a great challenge and there are many students who do not know precisely what they have to do in order to apply for US visas for visitors.  Those who wish to apply will have to get hold of a student visa from their local area’s US embassy, which deals with trips in order to pursue full time education at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The B-2 visitor US visas are mainly for students who intend to travel to the United States for the purpose of tourism and who might also want to take a short course at a university or local college.  The student visa, however, is for those who wish to enroll full time in school.  Applicants will have to fulfill very specific requirements, including having been accepted into a school, having enough money to pay for school, being prepared for the course of study and intending to go back home to their own country once they have completed the program.  The consular office determines these qualifications.

Prior to attending the student visa interview, applicants will have to fill out a number of forms and procedures.  One that must be completed is the DS-160 form as well as a confirmation page with a barcode.  A payment will also need to be made for the application of the visa, plus an online payment for the form I-120.