Tech firms want more H-1B visas

Tech firms want more H-1B visasTechnology companies in the United States are particularly interested in the plans of President Barack Obama to have immigration reform enacted in the near future.  These firms have, for a long time, wished to have access to talent from overseas countries that have been trained in the industries of mathematics, science, and technology.

Firms that are centered around research and manufacturing in the technological field want to see the number of H-1B visas increased to allow them to employ more qualified candidates from overseas countries.  They also want to see an expedited process in the United States that would allow immigrant employees to be able to remain and work in the country.

H-1B visas are non-immigrant US visas that enable American firms to hire immigrant workers in certain specialty occupations that need advanced training as well as theoretical or technical expertise.  Among the industries that employ workers on a frequent basis using this sort of visa are architecture, engineering, mathematics, medicine and science.  Immigrants that are eligible to receive H-IB visas will be able to stay in the United States for up to as long as six years, with the application process also being a lot more efficient than is the case with green card applications.

Among the advocates of the push for greater numbers of H-1B visas are powerful players in the world of technology such as Accenture, Google, IBM and Microsoft.  The chief executive officers of Facebook and Salesforce have also pledged their support.