US businesses demands action on immigration reform

US businesses demands action on immigration reformSome of the leading businesses in the United States are urging lawmakers to take action on legislation for immigration reform at a critical point on Capitol Hill.  The chief executives of McDonald’s, Tyson Foods, Cargill, Loews Hotels, Coca Cola and other regional and national companies have issued a letter saying that it is vital to the future of their businesses that Congress finally takes action on immigration reform.

The letter has been written as Republicans in the House of Representatives face an increasingly small window to move forward with an overhaul of existing immigration laws.  It has been almost a year since a comprehensive immigration reform bill was passed by the Senate.  The bill offered a pathway to US citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants and billions of dollars for the purpose of tightening border security; however, it has not been voted on in the House.

The Senate bill also featured a new US visa program targeted at lower-skilled overseas workers, and the business leaders are adamant that a program such as this is absolutely crucial.  “This is indispensable for our businesses but it’s also critical for the nation,” the letter claims.  “Without a working temporary visa program, the US can have no hope of ending illegal immigration.”

The executives also point out that there is currently no way for low-skilled immigrants to come to the United States for full-time work unless they have already had family in the country.