USCIS announces extension for EB-5 visa

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced recently that there is to be an extension of the federal EB-5 green card program for another three years.  The number of visas the program can grant is limited to 10,000 per annum by USCIS and the program is beginning to rapidly grow in popularity.  With the immigration laws being so strict in the United States, wealthy foreign nationals are wondering precisely what the program entails and if it would be the right decision to apply for an EB-5 visa.

The EB-5 program for immigrant investors lets foreign nationals obtain a US green card providing that they invest in a brand new commercial enterprise that creates at least ten jobs in the United States, presenting a superb opportunity for qualified applicants to be able to live in the United States whilst making a much needed big contribution to the economy.  The investor, spouse and underage children also receive a two-year permanent residency visa, dependant on them meeting EB-5 business regulations.

A person needs to find a commercial enterprise in which to invest in order to obtain an EB-5 visa.  The enterprise in question can be any for profit business including the likes of a partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, holding company, joint venture or other business.  Investors can also opt to fund a smaller project all on their own or else join with other investors in the funding of a much bigger business investment plan.