Why immigrants are being hired by top companies

Why immigrants are being hired by top companiesImmigration reform in the United States would have a major impact on numerous aspects of how people in America do business, eat and shop.  There are a variety of different firms that are based in the US that hire skilled workers from other countries, going to the trouble of ensuring that they have HI-B visas so that they can stay for extended periods of time.

Over 100,000 workers enter the United States every year with these types of US visas, but that number could be cut by as much as 40,000 thanks to the current wording of the immigration bill and the new focus on border security.  Firms that require more highly skilled workers, which have experience in engineering and technical positions, support immigration reform that would provide more work visas to those who really want to be able to work in the US.

There are many firms in the United States that continue to seek highly skilled workers from different countries, including Amazon, which is in the process of exploring the consumer technology market and wants workers that are skilled with technology.  Amazon is one of the nation’s major sponsors of HI-B visas because it wants workers in technical industries, from financial analysts to software developers, and has previously successfully filled such positions with immigrants.

Microsoft is another such company, with Bill Gates having long supported the granting of more work visas to overseas workers.  Microsoft hired over 4,000 immigrant workers in 2012.