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Why applying for U.S. Citizenship is better than keeping a Green Card?

Published On: August 26, 2020

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Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

Though a Green Card comes with several benefits, like living and working permanently in the United States, the benefits of citizenship far outweigh those of Permanent Residency (Green Cards).

No limit on travel

The US passport, considered one of the most powerful passports in the world, lets you travel to more than 180 countries without a visa. As a US citizen, you can enjoy a trip overseas to these countries without having to apply and pay for visas and worrying about documentation and approvals. You save a lot on cost and time!

A US passport makes your travel a lot easier. You can travel abroad as frequently as you want to and for the duration of your choice. You can also approach any Embassy or consulate abroad as a US citizen in case you require any assistance when in a foreign country. 

When you become a US citizen, you can immediately apply for a US passport. A US passport is also proof of your citizenship status. Check if you’re eligible for U.S. Citizenship.

Advantages for family

One of the major benefits of becoming a US citizen is the advantages for your family. If you have family abroad, you can sponsor them for Green Cards. 

If you become a citizen, your children (below 18 years of age and Green Card holders) will automatically become US citizens. They will not have to take the US citizenship test, attend the interview, or take the Oath. They can apply for a Certificate of citizenship, and then go on to get a US passport. Become a US citizen and pass on the benefits to your family!

Other top benefits of becoming a Citizen

As a US citizen, 

  • You will have the right to vote in federal elections and also any other US election. The right to vote is considered one of the most important rights of a person.
  • If you are so inclined, you can run for any elected federal office and other state and local offices that require US citizenship. 
  • You can apply for federal jobs as these jobs are reserved only for US citizens. Federal employees get federal benefits and earn better. 
  • Several federal benefits, like unemployment and college assistance, become available to you. 
  • You can enjoy the same rights as a person born in the US.
  • You can live and work freely anywhere in the country. You need not inform the USCIS every time you move. 
  • No more hassles with immigration-related paperwork. Once you become a citizen, you need not worry about renewing your Green Card or carrying it with you wherever you go.

Aren’t all these reasons enough to apply for citizenship?

Prepare your Citizenship Application using Immigration Direct Today!

Here are three reasons why you may be hesitating – costs, English skills, and a complicated process.

See below why you shouldn’t let them stop you; why now is the best time to apply for citizenship.

Costs are doubling

If $640, the current filing fees, was keeping you from applying for citizenship, imagine what will happen when the fee will nearly double and become $1,170 on October 2, 2020? Don’t miss the opportunity to apply at a lower fee.

Invest today in your citizenship and save on future expenses. Otherwise, you will have to pay every 10 years to renew your Green Card to keep it current per government rules. The current filing fees to renew a Green Card is $540. And, if you happen to lose your card or if it is damaged or destroyed, that’s another $540. 

Why wait? Take action now and be stress-free for the rest of your life as far as immigration matters are concerned.  

Also, if you qualify, FileRight can help you with a 12-month payment plan.

Is fear of the English test and interview stopping you from applying for citizenship?

Don’t let that stop you anymore! Many people, who to this day don’t speak English well, have passed the English test and interview.  Millions of people like you have passed the test and with a 90% approval rate, coupled with all the free study material that we provide – DVDs, videos, and guides, you will pass the test too! 

You will have plenty of time to study for this easy test, as it takes 12 months to process your U.S. Citizenship application, that’s an entire year. Furthermore, the US Citizenship backlog will inevitably increase due to COVID-19 delays which gives you even more time to prepare for the Citizenship test and interview.

Do you feel the process is too complicated?

Yes, we understand. Looking at the filing instructions that the USCIS provides, even a native English speaker is likely to feel overwhelmed. 

However, you don’t have to worry. We have made the whole process simple and straightforward. No need to read and get confused by pages of instructions.

  • Take a Free eligibility quiz
  • Answer a set of simplified questions.
  • Review your answers
  • Receive a completed Citizenship application package with all the required instructions sent directly to your doorstep. 
  • Sign application. Follow easy to read instructions. Add Payment. And your Done!

Given all of the benefits of becoming a U.S. Citizen and all the great resources you have to help you achieve Citizenship, what is holding you back? Who knows, one day you may have to pay double the fee to apply for U.S. Citizenship….oh wait, that day is coming soon. Don’t give the government your hard earned money, don’t delay the process any longer and apply before October 2, 2020.

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