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The US Citizenship test is not difficult. Here’s why.

Published On: September 10, 2020

us citizenship test not difficult

Don’t let your English language skills stop you from becoming a Citizen.

No one enjoys taking a test. The nervousness, the feeling that you haven’t prepared enough, maybe a moment of panic when you’re asked a question… We’re all glad when it’s over. No wonder many immigrants who have green cards don’t apply for US citizenship, because there are tests to pass. A school test is hard enough, it’s even more stressful when you have to pass a test to become a citizen!

It’s natural to feel nervous about the test, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not difficult.

Many people don’t realize just how simple the English test for citizenship can be. People who thought they could never pass the test became proud citizens with just a little preparation.

The idea of the English test is to see if you know the language at a basic level. It just tests the English that you use already in your daily life! It has three parts: reading, writing, and speaking.

The immigration officer will test your reading by asking you to read three sentences until you read one correctly. To test your writing, they will read three sentences aloud until you write one correctly. Your speaking will be tested by asking you questions about your citizenship application and seeing how you reply.

The basic grammar and vocabulary that you already know are enough for you to pass the test!

The immigration officer is not expecting you to be perfect. If you can understand simple questions and answer them, you can pass the test. Also, if you have any doubts during the test, you can ask the officer to repeat the question or to explain.

FileRight has helped thousands of people prepare for the test. FileRight offers FREE US Citizenship test and interview online classes that coach you based on questions that immigration officers ask. The classes cover speaking, reading, and writing. And to make things easier for Spanish-speaking immigrants, these classes will also be conducted in Spanish.

If you can’t attend online classes, you can use online videos and study guides to help you prepare. The videos are as good as the online classes and you can learn whenever you have the time.

Don’t let your fear of the test stop you from becoming a citizen. Citizenship application fees are regularly going up, and hesitating to apply for citizenship now means you’ll probably pay more when you do apply. Citizenship application fees are almost doubling from October 2, 2020, so Apply Now.

A citizenship application takes up to 12 months to process. Now, with the pandemic, there is a good chance this will take even longer — which means if you apply now, you have a lot more time to prepare for your test.

Pay $640 now and apply for citizenship. Use the longer processing time to prepare for your test using our free classes. If you don’t apply now, after October 2, 2020, you will have to pay $1,170. And if you qualify, FileRight even has a 12-month US Citizenship payment plan to help you pay the application fees!

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