Clinton slammed over call for new immigration office

On Wednesday, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced that if she wins the White House later this year she will create an Office of Immigrant Affairs, a plan that was quickly attacked by critics who described it as an irrelevant piece of bureaucracy and an indication of how out of touch she is with the American people.

Clinton gave a brief outlines of her plans during an event where she was awarded an endorsement by advocacy group the New York State Immigrant Action Fund in Manhattan, saying she intended to create a place within the White House dedicated to coordinating integration policies with local and state governments in addition to across the whole of the federal government.

Fox News was told prior to the announcement by a Clinton aide that the office will aim to help fully integrate refugees, immigrants and their children into the country and local communities. The New York Immigrant Action Fund’s Steve Choi says the office’s creation has the support of the group as part of a wide effort to help immigrants within the United States to be able to thrive while living in the country.

Clinton did not give any further details, but the policy was immediately attacked by critics. Bob Dane, the executive director of anti-illegal immigration group the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says the announcement is an illustration of how out of touch with the public – who want enforcement and tighter border security – Clinton is. Cato Institute policy analyst, Alex Nowratesh, added that such an office would just be more bureaucracy and utterly ineffective.