Mixed border reactions to Trump’s wall plan

Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. The controversial Republican presidential candidate says the wall would cost between $10 to $12 billion and that Mexico would be footing the bill whether they like it or not, but the people living on the border have mixed opinions as to whether it is even a good idea.

Arizona resident Berenice Andrews, who lives just feet from an existing fence between the two countries, thinks the idea is “complete insanity”. Gallery owner and artist, Kate Drew-Wilkinson, also insists that the idea is wildly impractical and probably impossible to achieve.

Cattle ranch owner Jim Chilton, however, thinks differently; he believes that a wall is not only a good idea but absolutely necessary. Undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers routinely use Chilton’s property to cross the border. Chilton says that while he has yet to decide who he will vote for in the upcoming US presidential election, he is firmly in support of building a wall, saying that he is sick of worrying about thousands of people using his ranch to cross over, some of whom may be dangerous criminals, and that the United States needs to take steps to ensure its international boundaries are secured.

Cattle ranch owner John Ladd, who has similar problems, agrees and supports Trump for actually daring to talk about the real problems he is faced with rather than hiding behind political correctness, and believes he would enforce immigration laws whether the wall is built or not.