US Prison-Corporation profits boosted by imprisoning immigrants

A study has revealed that 93 percent of all of those sent to prison in the United States in order to reach the minimum requirements for the amount of immigrants who must be imprisoned for violating immigration laws in the country end up in for-profit prisons that are owned by corporations responsible for heavily funding a number of politicians, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Presidential candidate nominee Hillary Clinton.

The findings were revealed on Monday by a Center for Constitutional Rights study entitled Banking on Detention: Local Lockup Quotas and the Immigrant Dragnet. Upon release of the report, CCR’s senior staff attorney Ghita Schwartz said that almost all of the guaranteed minimums can be discovered in facilities that are contracted with private prison firms who actively collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to make sure the details remain secret.

In April this year, an article was published by the Washington Post noting that for-profit prisons were the largest lobby that no-one wanted to discuss, but – while mentioning that one of the largest beneficiaries was Marco Rubio – it failed to disclose the fact that so is Hillary Clinton. In October last year, that news was highlighted by Vice News.

With 93 percent of the individuals behind bars in the United States there almost solely to meet the minimum quota, a fact headlined by The Nation in the August of 2014, corporations have found a sure-fire money spinner through which they can continue to fund their politicians of choice.