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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do once my application is complete?

For selected products we also offer an Application Package Assembly & Shipping Service. Once you complete your application online, we print, assemble and mail out your application package via USPS to your home. We include sticky notes on where you need to sign and date your application, a copy of your application for your records and a pre-paid envelope for you to mail your completed package to the USCIS for processing.

Who is Immigration Direct?

Since 2007, we’ve helped over 100,000 immigrants in both English & Spanish navigate the complex process of applying for Green Cards, Green Card Renewals, Citizenship, Employment Authorization, Fiancee Visa, DACA and much more. Just like how TurboTax helps people file taxes, Immigration Direct helps users fill out and submit their immigration application.

Does Immigration Direct have a Guarantee?

Every Immigration Direct application comes with our 100% money back guarantee. We’ll refund you 100% money back AND reimburse your government fees if for any reason you don’t get approved.

Does the U.S.C.I.S. have a refund policy?

No, in fact, USCIS filing fees are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. That is why our service was built, to ensure people prepare and complete their applications the first time. In 2019, USCIS denied 873,383 applications.

Why should I use Immigration Direct?

  1. Simple & Easy. Don’t get lost in reading pages of confusing instructions! Each immigration application has a set number of questions. On top of that, each application is accompanied by a set of pages full of instructions. We make the process simple.
  2. When using Immigration Direct, you don’t need to figure out what questions are mandatory or not. While you complete your application, our software is working on the background to select which questions to ask you and which are not required for you.

  3. Avoid costly mistakes! Did you know any mistake you make can lead to a delay in processing your application ? Did you know this delay may be well over a year ? An incomplete application can mean going back to the end of the line and having to wait that time again for a new application.

Here are some USCIS official stats about the 2019 fiscal year:

  • The USCIS denial rate was as high as 45% for some forms
  • 23% of the U.S. Citizenship applications were denied
  • 44,327 Green card Renewals were denied

Don’t let this happen to you! Use Immigration Direct.

  1. Print Ready Application. In certain cases, you may need to add more forms to your application. Unless you know this, you may be submitting an incomplete application to the government. Our website generates all the forms you need for the benefit you are seeking. You won’t see it happening while you’re filling out the application. You’ll just answer questions as you go along. At the end, you’ll see any additional forms that were added to your application.

What if I have questions along the way?

When you use Immigration Direct you get access to unlimited customer support. Our software offers explanations to form questions and our customer support team is available to answer your questions about ImmigrationDirect. It is important to note that our customer care team cannot answer legal questions or questions that are specific to your unique situation.

Is Immigration Direct Secure?

Your privacy is important to us. We use Secure Data Encryption. Any data you provide is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. In simple terms, it is as secure as it can get.Click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.

Is Immigration Direct a law firm?

No. Immigration Direct is not a law firm. We cannot provide legal advice, and we are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Our online technology provides explanations to common immigration form questions and ensures all forms meet the formatting requirements of the USCIS. We also make sure no question gets skipped and provide detailed filing instructions. Using Immigration Direct ensures form completeness that can help prevent applications from being rejected. And the Immigration Direct Guarantee promises that if your form is denied, we’ll give you your money back – including government fees. You won’t find this anywhere else! Conditions apply.