Affidavit of Support Forms I-134 and I-864

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Affidavit of Support

(Sponsoring a Visa)

Form I-134

  • Sponsoring an Immigrant
    Applying for U.S. Visa
  • Sponsoring K-1 Visa
    (Fiancée Visa)
  • Sponsoring K-3 Visa
    (Spousal Visa)

Affidavit of Support

(Sponsoring a Green Card)

Form I-864

  • Sponsoring Family
    Based Green Cards
  • Sponsoring Employment
    Based Green Cards

What's the difference between Form I-134 and Form I-864?

Forms I-134 and I-864 are both affidavits of support, but they are used for different visa types.

Both of the forms are used to provide evidence to the USCIS that the applicant will have financial support when they enter the U.S., but the difference is that

  • Form I-134 Is used by nonimmigrants (temporary residents of the U.S.)
  • Form I-864 Is used by immigrants (permanent residents or Green Card holders in the U.S.)

Technically, the sponsor of the nonimmigrant or immigrant is the person who fills out the affidavit of support. The nonimmigrant or immigrant includes the form in the supporting documentation for their immigration application.

K class visas, also known as fiancee visas, are considered nonimmigrant visas in the case of deciding which affidavit of support to use.