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Immigration Form AR-11 Change of Address

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Immigration Form AR-11 Change of Address

AR-11 (Change of Address)

Immigrants residing in the US need to update the USCIS about changes to their address and USCIS Form AR-11 (Change of Address) is the form used to inform the USCIS of such a change of address. The USCIS also allows applicants to change their address online. As well, some immigrants are subject to Special Registration due to their status in the US. If this describes your situation, will need to use also use Form AR-11 (Special Registration). It is important to always complete USCIS Form AR-11 when you move to ensure that any documents of information from the USCIS reaches you in a timely manner. As well, the law requires that immigrants provide the USCIS with an up-to-date address.