• The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) has closed all offices until June 3, 2020.
  • All applications will still be accepted online or through mail.
  • All expired Green cards, Visas or EAD need to be renewed.
  • USCIS will reuse previously submitted biometrics in order to process valid Form I-765.
  • Expect delays in applications that are in progress. (Check Status)

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G-325C (Biographic Information)

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G-325C (Biographic Information)

G-325C (Biographic Information)

All USCIS Biographic Information forms are used in addition to other application forms, whenever biographic information is required. G-325C (Biographic Information) is free to file and is only one page long, so if you think you need this form, it is better to file it rather than risk a delay with your application. USCIS Form G-325C specifically asks for your name, address, previous addresses, previous employers, and current and former spouses. This form specifically asks you to provide the past five years of past addresses and employers. The form is similar to other Biographic Information forms (Forms G-325A, G-325, and G-325B).