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Frequently Asked Questions about DV Lottery and Green Card

DV Lottery and Different Ways to Apply for US Green Card

If you are interested in entering the DV Diversity Visa Lottery, you may have several questions about the lottery and your participation in it:

  • What can I do to improve my chances of winning The DV Diversity Visa Lottery? While some companies will take your money, claiming they can help you improve your chances of winning the DV lottery, this is a false claim. The Department of State takes all eligible entries and holds a random draw. Everyone who is chosen who is qualified to win a green card will get permanent residency in the States. This free article from US-Immigration.com can help you understand the facts.

  • Am I eligible? If you are generally eligible to get a green card and if you are from one of the countries in this year's DV Diversity Visa Lottery, you can apply for the lottery through the US department of state website. Even if you are not eligible for the lottery, you can still apply for a green card.

  • What chances do I have? Your chances depend on the number of people who apply. The DV Diversity Visa Lottery usually awards 50 000 green cards each year, but there are sometimes many more applicants than green cards available. To learn more about the lottery, read this free guide from US-Immigration.com.

  • How else can I apply for a green card? You can apply for a green card, if you are eligible, with the USCIS. For example, you can apply through marriage or through family or employment. If you decide to apply for a green card through employment, for example, check out the Green Card Through Employment kit from US-Immigration.com for help.

  • What happens if I win - or lose? If you win, the US Department of State will contact you with information about your new green card. If you are not one of the lucky few to be chosen, you may still wish to apply for a green card. Even if you have lost in the DV Diversity Visa Lottery, this will not affect your chances of applying for a green card with the USCIS. To find out how families can sponsor family members for a green card, for example, check out the Green Card for your Family kit from US-Immigration.com.