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Citizenship Tutorial

US Citizenship is the ultimate goal for millions of immigrants. And to become a US citizen, you may apply for Naturalization, a legal process that will confer US citizenship upon you. US citizenship does not limit your rights and it will grant you a variety of citizenship rights and privileges. Citizens of foreign countries who wish to become US citizens, may go for naturalization, as this process is meant for people born outside America. US citizenship will allow you to live anywhere in America, travel abroad without restrictions and will allow you to vote in the federal elections and take part in the civic life. Filing few applications, appearing for an interview and for biometrics collection, taking a naturalization test and taking the oath, are the things that you need to do in order to obtain US citizenship, through naturalization. US citizenship process is not as simple as we think and it is wise to understand the process before you could start the process.

US Citizenship Interview

US citizenship interview is considered to be an important step as this is where you will be required to establish your knowledge of the English language. This may not be a complicated step for the people who are well-versed in the English language but for the ones who just started learning English, this could be a nightmare. However, you can prepare yourself and study, to get through the naturalization test. The U.S. Citizenship Exam and Interview Guide DVD, will help you to understand well about the test and to pass the interview, as this DVD contains a lot of interview tips. This English-language DVD, comes in an interactive format and it will help you to improve your language skills. It also contains common interview questions and you can make use of this DVD and prepare yourself for the US citizenship interview.

US Citizenship Test

Followed by the US citizenship interview, you will be required to take a civics test that will test your understanding of the US laws and US history. This test can be nerve-racking for the applicants who are not aware of these topics. Even if you are unaware of these topics, you need not worry about it, as the US Citizenship Exam Guide AUDIO CD, will help you to learn for the civics component of the citizenship test. Native Spanish speakers may go for the Spanish version of this guide and this CD will suit your need and will help you to pass the test. As this is an audio CD, you can study easily, while traveling in your car or in your spare time. Get your CD now and start learning for the US citizenship test!