Arrival Departure Record Replacement

If you are entering the US, your Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) is one of the most important documents you will need. Either you or your transportation carrier will fill out this document, and you will need to hand this document to a U.S. Customer Border Protection (CBP) at the border. That official will indicate the date you arrived in the US on your arrival departure record. Your arrival departure record, kept in your passport, will also indicate when you are expected to leave the US.

Your Form I-94 is very important because it shows when you entered the US and shows that you entered the US legally. You also need this document when you leave the country, so that border officials can indicate when you left the US. If you do not have a Form I-94 when you leave the country, your passport may not indicate when you left the US. This can make it appear that you have overstayed your visa or expected departure date and this, in turn, can make it difficult for you to re-enter the US on subsequent trips. Form I-94 is also important because it shows you and any officials who need to see the document when you must leave the US.

If your passport is stolen or damaged, your I-94 Form may also become lost or damaged. If this occurs, it is important to replace your arrival departure record so that you can keep a record of your departure from the US. You can apply for a replacement of your Arrival Departure Record by filing Form I-102. You can use Form I-102 to apply for a new Arrival Departure Record if your current Form I-94 is destroyed, lost, or incorrect. You can also use this same form to apply for a new Form I-94W (Visa Waiver Arrival-Departure Record), or a new Form I-95 (Crewman Landing Permit).