Can You Bring Food to the USA?

People who travel to the United States believe that it is a good idea to carry with them some food from their homes. United States permits the travelers to bring food into the country but some items are prohibited. After you reach the US post of entry, you will have to pass through immigration and customs and your luggage may be checked. If prohibited items are found in your luggage, such items will be taken away and destroyed and this also applies to food items as some food items are prohibited. Fruits, meats and some agricultural products can be brought but the United States has placed restrictions on many products in order to preserve the environment and to protect public health.

Depending on where you are from and on the country from which you are traveling, you may not be permitted to bring some items with you to America. Hence, you need to know what you are permitted to bring to the United States and you may be fined, if you fail to declare food products. Generally, packaged foods such as candy bars and dehydrated soup are admissible. Some fruits and vegetables cannot be brought to the United States and all the fruits and vegetables that you bring must be declared, even if the fruits and vegetables that you have brought appear to be free of pests. Depending on the country of origin, meats and poultry and their products cannot be brought into the United States. Bakery items, candy bars, chocolates and cured cheese are admissible. You can also bring canned goods for personal use, to the United States.

Likewise, you may bring dairy items and eggs and these items are not prohibited. Fish and condiments such as oil, mustard, vinegar, pickles, honey, nuts, jam, etc for your personal use, can be brought, across the border. Canned meat can be brought to the United States but fresh, dried and fully cooked meat is prohibited from most regions and you cannot bring beef, lamb, mutton, elk, bison, etc from certain regions. This applies to pork and you cannot bring pork from Mexico to the United States. You may not be prohibited from bringing powdered drinks sealed in original containers. Remember that, if you bring prohibited products, such products will be taken away from you and destroyed by the US Customs officers.