Cinco de Mayo and Immigration Reform

Cinco de Mayo and Immigration ReformCinco de Mayo is celebrated on the fifth day of May, every year and the Mexicans celebrate this day through Mexican dance and music. Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate the culture and heritage of Mexico. This year, this day was commemorated in the midst of the immigration reform debate. President Obama commemorated the contributions of Hispanic Americans at a Cinco de Mayo reception and there he told the guests that he would soon reform the country’s immigration laws and pass the Dream Act. Likewise, immigration activists and the undocumented immigrants in the country want the Congress to pass the immigration reform bill and legalize all the undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Mexicans say that this day means a lot to them and that is because this day marks the Battle of Puebla and it is the first battle that the Mexicans had won against the French. President Obama while stressing the importance of this day, pushed for immigration reform. President Obama also wanted the people to recognize America’s strength and diversity and he stated that he wants to pass a commonsense immigration reform, that would address the needs of everyone in the country. Immigration reform is President Obama’s top priority and he wants to sign an immigration reform bill sooner. He is also happy about the immigration reform bill that was recently unveiled by the senators.

President Obama, during his trip to Mexico stated that he is looking forward to expand trade between Mexico and the United States and he stated that this would lead to economic and job growth in both the countries. The Senators are working on the immigration reform bill and they are likely to finalize the bill that they unveiled in April, sooner. If the undocumented immigrants are legalized, all the undocumented immigrants would come out of the shadows and take part in the country’s democracy and economy. Immigration reform would definitely boost the economy of the country.