Common mistakes People Make During Visa Interviews

Visa interview is an important part of the visa application process. If the applicants successfully get through these visa interviews, they will be issued US visas. There are few common things that the applicants need to remember and follow, in order to successfully get through their interviews.

Prepare for the Visa Interview

Applicants who are well prepared can easily get through their visa interviews. Many find their interviews difficult as they do not prepare well. They need to go through the applications they have filed. Consular officers will generally ask the visa applicants about the purpose of their trip. Applicants need to give appropriate answers to the questions that Consular officers ask.

Appear Well-dressed for the Interview

It is mandatory to dress neatly. Applicants need not be too formal but they must not dress in a pretentious fashion. Flip flops, clothing with slogans or jokes are few things that must be avoided.

Provide Truthful Information

Applicants must be honest; they should not provide false information. Providing false information is likely to lead to the denial of their applications. This will also affect the visa applications they file in future.

Provide Required Supporting Documentation

While going for the visa interview, applicants must carry with them the required supporting documents. They need to take with them their original documents as well as copies of those documents. These supporting documents will help them to establish that they are admissible into America. Similarly, they need to organize their documents as that will help the Consular officers to easily review their documentation.

Provide Required Information

Applicants must not voluntarily give information. They need to answer only the questions the interviewer asks. Likewise, information they provide must be consistent. There must not be any discrepancy between the information that they provided at the time of filing applications and what they say during their interview. For example, if a person has filed an application for a B-2 tourist visa and if the interviewer asks about his purpose of travel, he must tell the interviewer that he wishes to travel to America for tourism purposes. He must not say that he would be interested in staying back in the country permanently if he gets attracted to the country or with his children who are there.

Do Not Argue With the Interviewer

This is something that the applicants need to avoid. They must not make arguments with the interviewing Consular officer. They need to speak to the interviewer in a polite manner and must not ask unnecessary questions. They can provide additional information for clarification but they must avoid arguments.

Communicate Well

Communication must be to the point. Applicants must answer only when a question is asked. Applicants who are not good in English may speak slowly in short sentences. They can also request for language interpreters.

Do Not be Nervous

Applicants need to prepare for the interview but there is nothing to worry about. They should be confident. Most of the questions asked during the interview will be about the applicants and about the purpose of their trip. So they need not be nervous as the way the applicants answer will influence the judgment of the Consular officer who conducts the interview.