Guide to Completing a Successful Immigration Process

Any immigration process – from applying to a green card to applying for a temporary visa to enter the US for a few months – has specific rules. No matter what immigration process you are applying for, consider this a general guide to success:

  • Apply for an immigration process that you have a chance of succeeding at. There are many types of visas and many types of immigration status in the US. Consider all your options and select the visa or status that you want and that you qualify for. The USCIS website can be a good place to start. The website can help you understand your options and can help you understand the qualifications you need.
  • Get the latest forms and instructions from the USCIS website. Forms change regularly and older versions of forms are often not accepted by the USCIS.
  • Fill out all forms completely and honestly. Being dishonest on forms can mean criminal charges filed against you, while incomplete or inaccurately completed forms will usually result in delays or rejections of your petition. Go over your forms more than once to ensure that everything is in order before you file. Submit all information and supporting documents requested by the USCIS and by immigration authorities.
  • Get help if you need it. The US immigration process can be complicated. If you are having trouble filling out forms, consider our guides, available for most USCIS forms. These kits give you everything you need to fill out your immigration forms correctly, including detailed step-by-step instructions. You can also contact the USCIS for help with a form. If there is something in your past which may make you ineligible for immigration processes in the US, consult with a qualified immigration attorney for help. If you need help, seek out help from qualified sources. With assistance, you may be able to avoid delays and problems with your immigration application.