How to Avoid Getting Your USCIS Form Rejected

If you have any USCIS forms to fill out, you will of course want to make sure that your forms will be accepted and that your immigration petition will not garner rejection. There many ways to ensure that your immigration forms are not rejected by the USCIS:

1) Choose the right forms. The truth is, the USCIS has many forms, some of which seem very similar. It is important to choose the right forms and the right application for your specific situation. The USCIS has a number of useful guidelines to help you determine which forms you may need for different immigration petitions. is another resource that can help you find the right forms for the right petition – all in plain English.

2) Choose the right version of forms. The USCIS occasionally releases new versions of forms, and it is imperative to select the latest updated versions of every form. Submitting the wrong form will generally mean that your petition is rejected and that you may need to re-file the form all over again. You can visit the USCIS website in order to find the latest versions of all the forms you need. You can download these forms as well as the instructions directly from the website.

3) Make sure that you follow directions correctly. USCIS forms can be challenging for even a native English speaker to understand. Forms may be used differently by different applicants, and may ask you to submit supporting documents as well as other detailed information. It is a good idea to print the forms as well as the instructions for the forms you need, and then carefully read over both before attempting to fill out anything. This way, if you have any questions you can get help before you make any mistakes. One great resource that can help is has specialized kits for virtually every commonly used USCIS form. Each kit contains the latest version of the form, detailed instructions, glossary, as well as simple-to-understand directions that can help you fill out the USCIS form correctly the first time.